Premium Hemp Animal Bedding


The Future of Carbon Negative Homes


Hemp is an Earth-friendly, and renewable, plant-based resource that has been used by Humans going back over 10,000 years.  Hemp has the title of being the oldest domesticated agricultural crop in the world, with its use for food, medicine, & textiles going back over 8,000 recorded years of Human History.  In 1938, Popular Mechanics magazine touted Hemp as being the next "Billion Dollar Crop with over 25,000 uses."  The seeds of the Hemp Plant are considered so nutritious they are a superior super-food. Everything Hemp does, it does better than its competition, which is why it has been suppressed so heavily over the last 100 years.  This is why WE CHOOSE HEMP! Hemp Solutions Oregon is the premier provider of Hemp Based Eco Solutions for Agriculture & Construction. We feature AgroBedding, Hempcrete & Grass Roots Grow Mats. We look forward to supplying you with solutions to help create a healthier world! Thank you for your business!



Our goal at Hemp Solutions Oregon is to have hemp bedding in every stall, every coop and every small animal cage in the Pacific Northwest and beyond! And let's not forget about humans...they will benefit too! You will love the difference in the results and the time it saves!